Balita Alloy has an enviable track record and brand in the aluminium recycling industry in Nigeria. We strongly believe our customers are prime. We deliver products that are of quality value and are in line with global best practices. Our services are premised on excellent customer services delivered through competent and motivated workforce.

At the moment, we export our ADC 12 aluminium ingots to some buyers outside the country. We presently run a 24-hour production, 6 days a week. We are proud members of reputable organizations like Manufacturers’ Association of Nigeria (M.A.N.), Nigerian Export Promotion Council (N.E.P.C) etc.

Raw Materials We Utilize Sustainably:
  • Aluminium Scrap: We locally source aluminium scrap, contributing to sustainable recycling practices.
  • Engine Blocks: These are recycled to minimize waste and environmental impact.
  • Silicon Metal: While imported, we use silicon metal efficiently in our production processes.
  • Cover Flux: Ensuring responsible use to minimize environmental effects.
  • Degasar: Utilized conscientiously to enhance our recycling efforts.
  • MGR: Managed sustainably to support our manufacturing processes.

Manufactured Products:
  • Aluminium Ingots ADC 12: These ingots find applications in the automobile industry for various components.
  • Aluminium Ingots AK5M2: Used primarily in the production of durable aluminium products.
  • Dross Scrap: Recycled into secondary aluminium products, reducing waste.
  • Iron Scrap: Processed to reduce environmental impact and support sustainable practices.

Our commitment to sustainability extends from responsibly sourcing raw materials to manufacturing products that serve diverse industries while minimizing environmental impact.

Finished Goods and Their Applications:
  • Aluminum Alloy Ingots: These versatile ingots are employed in various industries, including aerospace, construction, and manufacturing.
  • Dross Scrap: Recycled dross scrap can be utilized in the creation of secondary aluminium products, promoting sustainability.
  • Iron Scrap: Reprocessed iron scrap contributes to the circular economy, reducing the need for virgin resources and supporting eco-friendly initiatives.



Whether it is about finding the right outlet for our supplier’s products or to find the suitable grade for our consumer, CNA’s approach is to find a solution that would serve the purpose for the long term. Through our extensive experience in business and cultural norms of various markets, we have built long term relationships with many of our clients. We continue to explore and develop more mutually beneficial relationships, as we expand and extend our growth. Great relationships are at the core of great business.