Balita Aluminium Systems Limited is a homegrown company, established in 2007, with a notable presence in the aluminium recycling sector with the establishment of Balita Alloy Limited in 2014. We specialize in the sustainable recycling of aluminium materials, expertly transforming them into high-quality ingots.

Our primary focus lies in the production of various aluminium ingots, including the versatile ADC 12 and AK5M2 alloys, which are predominantly sought after by the automobile industry.

Additionally, we excel in the design and manufacture of top-tier pre-coated, custom-made steel and aluminium sheets, catering to a wide spectrum of domestic, commercial, and industrial applications.


We are dedicated to providing high-quality, industry-standard, and cost-effective aluminium products that ensure customer satisfaction. Our goal is to establish ourselves as a leading force in our industry.

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